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It all started with my nephews birthday party, we needed something the kids could just grab and go... and so my craze of making Cake Pops began.

Chicago, IL

1st time making Monkey Cake Pops… A lot harder then you would think.  But totally worth it in the end!!!

Valentine’s Day Cake Pops!

Super Bowl Cake Pops

Super Bowl Cake Pops

February Cake Pops!

I had posted earlier this month that I was back to making cake pops!!!! Which I am!!! I not only made cake pops for the Super Bowl but also for Valentines Day.  So I’m posting pictures up from both events now!  I hope all is well and keep an eye out I will be making some monkey themed cake pops for an adorable 1 year olds birthday party!  I’ve been looking for a reason to make them and now I have it!!! So excited to make them and hopefully I won’t take as long to post those pictures up after I make the monkey cake pops.

Super Bowl Weekend!

It has been WAY too long since I have posted… and made any cake pops.

This is all going to change this weekend!  I am baking right now so that I can make some cake pops in the morning!!! YAY!!!

Can anyone guess what my theme is going to be for my cake pops this weekend???

Hint: The big sporting event going on this weekend…

Yup… Super Bowl!!!  So obviously I will be making footballs, but I also want to try for a helmet (not so sure how I’ll do that but we’ll see).  Then I’ll do some in the teams colors.

I’ll put up some pictures when they are all done… hopefully they’ll turn out great!!!

Long Pause

So it’s been a while since I posted or actually made Cake Pops… I’ve been enjoying my summer!!!

I still want to try to make some Red Velvet Cake Pops before the end of the summer… so we’ll see what I’ll do in the next week or two!!! Keep looking for updates!!!

Happy Summer Everyone!!! Enjoy the last few weeks of it!!!

Happy Birthday Maria!

So for my nieces birthday party I made some really simple cake pops.  I stayed with chocolate flavor but I’m thinking of experimenting with red velvet soon!!! What do you think?


So I’m putting it out there… does anyone have any SIMPLE ideas for Cake Pops for a little girls birthday party (8 years old)???  Thanks everyone!!!

Time is precious!

So I haven’t had time to make any cake pops lately and its been in the back of my mind.  I’m always running here or running there and I’m barely at home to be baking… I guess this whole cake pop thing is taking a summer break for a bit haha!  I want to at least make some this weekend for nieces birthday… hopefully I can find the time!!!

What do you think?

So I have my nieces birthday party coming up and she has requested that I make Cake Pops… no big deal, but I’m having MAJOR ‘writers block’ on the design to make.  Its a pool/beach themed party so I want to do something that reflects the theme… any ideas??? I also want to maybe do Red Velvet Cake instead of Chocolate… not sure yet.  What do you think?